Friends of the MST – Annual Report

Flat Top ManorMost annual reports are dull, dull, dull. Do I really read the AT&T annual report?

But today I received the Friends of the MST annual report? The photos are better than corporate reports and the information is more relevant to my life. Here are some highlights.

Maintenance Volunteer Hours

Does it surprise anyone that Carolina Mountain Club had the most volunteer hours? We offered 6,341 hours in 2011. The next group down, Falls Lake, had 3,738 hours. Well done, Falls Lake but I want to gloat. They recruit from the whole Triangle, Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh, while we have a much smaller population. 


I was one of eight MST completers in 2011. The class of 2011 was the largest so far. It was also the first year that we got an international completer – a hiker from Cumbria, England, who made several trips here to hike.

At this point, it looks like there are eight in 2012, but who knows, someone may pop up at the last minute. 

Raising Awareness

Lots of activities. I participated in the photo contest and won third place for the pic of the guy in blue underwear. Coincidentally, I won third place this year with a picture of Lenny, fully dressed, working on the trail. Am I destined to be in third place?

I also put together an MST Trivia contest which got a lot of interest. It was held on Facebook and was great fun.

And then the routing. Lots of progress on that, which may need another blog post, just to discuss.

Now the commercial

If you’re not member, please join. For a minimum of $25, ($10 for students), you too can get this annual report. And  be part of a growing MST movement.


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