Carolina Mountain Club Newsletter – A review


We review books, movies and even websites. But newsletters are usually forgotten. A lot of time and knowledge are put into writing, laying out and sending out the Carolina Mountain Club Let’s Go every quarter. Stuart English, the editor, has been putting out a quality product for years. I want to take a look at this issue.


Just another Saturday Workday on the MST is the story above the fold. It talked about the effort to extend the Mountains-to-Sea Trail west to Heintooga Road. How the MST will meet Great Smoky Mountains National Park is still uncertain. But CMC along with Friends of the MST are working on it. More about this later in another blog.

The story below the fold is the Council Corner. In each issue, a council member writes about some aspect of their CMC responsibilities. In this newsletter, Marcia Bromberg, who is going into her second term as President, outlined the club’s accomplishments in maintenance and hiking.

Page 2  

The thrust of the inside page was the CMC dinner and annual meeting. It highlighted our guests, stars of the outdoor world. It also featured the three winners for service to the club.

The Hiking Schedule 

The hike schedule takes up the bulk of the rest of the newsletter. Although you can get the hiking schedule on the web, there’s nothing like having the whole three months of hikes in a few pages in front of you.

If you say “I have a free day coming up. I wonder what hike CMC is doing,” then the web is just fine.

But if you’re like me, you have a pen in hand and you go through the schedule slowly and carefully. What days am I going to reserve for hiking? What hikes are so special and intriguing that I am not going to make any other plans?

First, obviously, the hikes I’m leading. This next quarter, I’m leading a Sunday hike in Dupont and a Wednesday hike up to Kitsuma Peak.

Next, I look at the hikes that I have not done or have done a long time ago. Two Wednesday hikes intrigue me:

Good Road to Bald Knob. Do I really want to do Bald Knob on the MST again? It was tough the first time but this hike is not offered often, so I’m planning to go.

Rough Creek. Not tough, just unusual. A hike in the Canton Watershed.

On Sunday, I’ll put down Graybeard Mountain in Montreat and the Foothills Trail to Whitewater Falls. The Sunday afternoon hike, Swannanoa River Stroll, sounds intriguing. Lots more choices.

CMC is the best value in hiking around. Though you can come on a hike a time or two without being a member, you won’t get the Let’s Go. And marking the hikes in anticipation of another great hiking season is part of the fun.  

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