At Bahia Honda State Park, Florida

Bahia Honda SP Manatee

Enough educational stuff. Sometimes kids (and adults too) just need beach time. So we headed to the best beach in Florida at Bahia Honda State Park. You got to get there early because all the parking spaces are taken up by noon and they don’t let anyone else in.

Located south of the seven-mile bridge on the way to Key West, the park takes up the whole key. It has beaches on both sides – the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Today, with the wind, we settled on the Gulf side. We got there early and managed to snag a picnic table as well.

OK, so we started with something educational–a ranger talk about the railroad that came through the island starting in 1912. Henry Flagler was a colleague of John D. Rockefeller and spent his money developing Florida. He built a railroad and lots of fancy hotels. The railroad route became a road to Key West which was then replaced by US 1, a modern two-lane road.

Bahia Honda SP CastleBut most of the time was spent on the beach and in the water. The waves are gentle or really non-existent. The kids and their adults made sand castle.

But nature did show up in the manner of a manatee. It was eating the weeds – see above – being watched by a group of photographers.

Time to leave kid-friendly paradise and check out Key West. I’ve been singing It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere for a month.

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