A Sad, Sad Day – Goodbye to Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skisYesterday was a sad, sad day. I said goodbye to my cross country skis.

Who was I kidding? I am not going to cross country ski anymore.

First, there isn’t enough natural snow in western North Carolina to cross country ski. You make snow for downhill skiing and people go to Cataloochee Ski area in Maggie Valley for a ski experience close to home. But since I moved to Asheville, I’ve only cross country skied once, on a winter vacation in Canada.

I was always an experienced cross country beginner. I would go uphill just fine but zoomed down only to fall in the soft snow. Now I would be a real beginner each time. And I can no longer afford to fall at high speeds.

It was never a good idea for my neck, back and shoulders. Now, it would almost disastrous. I’ve been banged around several times; an encounter with an SUV, a torqued shoulder… You don’t want to know … that I better just keep on hiking.

I do enough yoga, weight training and even a little swimming that I have some cross-training. But hiking is still my passion.

The plus side is that the weather in western North Carolina is warm enough so I can hike all year round without braving too many subzero days. Too cold for the mountain tops? Just go to Dupont Forest or Upstate South Carolina!

Lenny also came to the same conclusion, even without the physical problems. So if you want a pair of cross country skis complete with poles and boots, two pairs actually, go to Asheville Habitat for Humanity store.  aCheck out the skis and say “hi” to them for me.

All very sensible, but it was a sad day anyway.   

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