On TV for Three Minutes

This morning, I appeared on TV for three minutes.

WLOS - 03/02/2013

WLOS, the ABC affiliate, invited me to talk about the Mountains-to-Sea Trail Across North Carolina and the book launch at Diamond Brand Outdoors on Tuesday March 5 at 6 pm.

So like a good student, I prepared. I read several articles on the web entitled Tips for a TV interview.

*  Don’t look at the camera – look at the interviewer.

*  Sit up and lean forward.

*  Be enthusiastic and active.

*  Choose three points and say them over and over again. I was prepared.

And then the dreaded “What to wear”. I wanted to look like a hiker. So I pulled out clean zip-off pants and low hiking boots. That was easy.

But what about the top? No white or black and solid colors only. Then it got trickier. Some said bright colors, others said muted colors. I watched the WLOS news program last weekend and Ingrid Allstaedt, the anchor, wore bright red. See her on top, again in a lovely red dress.

I had no idea if they had a make-up person who was going to slap some powder on me. I found some old pressed powder and an old lipstick and took care of the “make up” myself. It was a good decision since no one cared how I looked for three minutes.

I arrived at the station way too early and watched other guests come and go. They wore whatever they reached for this morning. Three minutes seemed to go quite fast.

I was brought into the studio and was introduced to Serena, the camera woman, who miked me up and tested my voice. I brought a copy of my book and they asked me to hold it on my lap.

I met Ingrid, the young reporter who works the weekend shift. She asked me a couple of questions off camera to put me at ease. Then the cameras started rolling. Her questions were on the teleprompter but my answers were off-the-top of my head. I can’t even remember them.

Then they plugged the book launch at Diamond Brand.

Three minutes goes awfully fast.

When I got home, Lenny congratulated me. Only two people sent me emails saying that they had seen me. My phone was not ringing off the hook–what an old-fashioned expression. Hollywood was not calling.

But who cares about Hollywood? I want North Carolina Bookwatch to call. D.G. Martin, are you listening?



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