Friends of the Smokies at Deep Creek

FOTS Deep Creek 3/2013
Deep Creek with Friends of the Smokies

Friends of the Smokies Classic Hikes of North Carolina started yesterday with a tour of Deep Creek. We advertised it as three waterfalls and three cemeteries. A record 20 hikers came out on a beautiful March day. After the rain that pelted down on Monday, we were in awe of the sunshine and blue sky.

One fellow had walked from his house to downtown Bryson City and we picked him up. He had already walked a mile.The hike started at the Deep Creek trailhead outside of Bryson City. Keith and I had scouted the hike in February and found it a different hike yesterday.

Sure, the waterfalls and cemeteries were still there; the dead hadn’t moved. But the tadpoles eggs had gone. Who knows if the tadpoles found another source of water? Daffodils were in bloom at the home sites. We spotted a couple of purple violets.

FOTS Deep Creek cemetery mirror image 3/2013
Finding a mirror image on a grave

The group was fascinated by the cemeteries. One cemetery on Indian Creek Trail had a headstone which had mirror image writing on it. So a hiker pulled out a mirror to see if it really worked. It did!

Keith, the Americorps intern, quote something about the eyes being the mirror of the soul. But a gravestone?

How did you find the cemeteries? They wanted to know. A lot of exploration and some hints which you won’t find on the blog. For that, you need to come on my hikes.

The next hike will be on Tuesday April 16. All the hikes are on the third Tuesday of the month. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know the drill. Call  Friends of the Smokies at 828.452.0720 and sign up with Keith.


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