Charlotte Talks about the Mountains-to-Sea Trail

Charlotte Talks - Mike and me

Yesterday, my whole day was centered around appearing on the NPR program, Charlotte Talks. Wait a minute, didn’t I just lead a hike at Deep Creek? Yes and then I drove to Charlotte that evening.

I listen to the program whenever I head east from Asheville. After you roll down
the Blue Ridge and lose our Asheville NPR station, you can pick up

It wasn’t easy to get on Charlotte Talks on WFAE, the local NPR station. Talk shows like these have lots of gate keepers; producers who get inundated by requests to come on the show. These producers have to make sure that the guest is interesting, the topic is interesting and that the show host will resonate to the person and topic.

Katie, the publicist at the History Press, tried and tried. She sent a formal proposal and I helped by explaining what we could talk about. Nothing. Then I sent out a Facebook message. Did anyone have any contacts with Charlotte Talks? Well, no, but it turned out that Sharon McCarthy, my MST hiking partner, knew someone who worked for WFAE. Lisa put the proposal and my book on the producer’s desk. Things started moving.

Then I was asked to give questions all over again. Katie at the History Press, sent the producer yet another copy of the book. I was booked for this morning.

Charlotte Talks - Mike CollinsWhen I arrived at the studio, way, way too early, I met the other guest, the president of Old Salem in Winston-Salem. At 3 minutes before the hour, Mike Collins, the host, shows up and puts us both at ease. “It will be the easiest thing you will ever do,” he says.

Mike was good. He had obviously read some of my book. He asked good questions, was funny and allowed me to be light and casual. While I was on, the show had a 90 second break. I asked him if I could read from the book. I wanted to read about backpacking Croatan National Forest.

“Put this in context,” he said. “Where is it?” I explained that it was east of New Bern and read for two minutes. Two minutes is a long time. At the end, he asked “what trail will I do next.” While I tried to explain, he had to wrap up the show.

I walked through the Charlotte city center, which some call uptown and some call downtown. I wandered into Poor Richard’s Book Shoppe, a small independent bookstore on the second level. And you have to walk up.

Now I have to get ready for my talk at Jesse Brown Outdoors tonight (Thursday March 21) at 6:30 pm. Come on out.

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