Your money, your land

While I was gone to the big city and didn’t pay attention, look what happened. North Carolina’s Land for Tomorrow is looking for our help to save our land.

Pat McCrory released his proposed budget Wednesday. It includes significant
cuts in spending for the state’s land and water conservation trust funds.
The creation and consistent funding of North Carolina’s conservation trust
funds have been the result of bipartisan leadership over the past 25
years.  These land protection successes have played a major role in the
state’s economy –  boosting agriculture, the military, tourism, forestry,
hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation.
McCrory’s budget:

The next
step in the budget process is for the state Senate to begin writing its version
of the budget.

This will happen around the same time as our Lobby
Day, taking place on March 27th in Raleigh. I went to Lobby Day in 2011 and it was an eyeopener.

Considering this  budget
announcement, your participation is now more important than ever. Click here to register for Lobby
Day on March 27th

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