One cord away from losing it

Barbara and me in front of Books Unlimited, Franklin

I think I’m one electric cord away from losing it.

On Friday evening, I went to City Lights bookstore in Sylva. The bookstore is very active in promoting authors. I showed up with my laptop, projector and speakers so I could give a slide/video show.

Most authors just waltz in with just a copy of their book., They’ve put post-its, marking the pages they’re going to read. Some don’t even bother preparing. I’ve seen authors flipping through their book and saying “Now what shall I read?”

But not me. I come with several boxes of equipment.

Though I ‘ve done slide shows before, several times for The Mountains-to-Sea Trail Across North Carolina, I keep adding more stuff. Technology changes as well.

One positive of technology changes is that more venues have projector display systems. All I have to bring is a flash drive. But not enough venues, in my estimation. Small independent bookstores expect their authors to just read.

So along with the laptop, digital projector and speakers, I better remember power cords for all that and cords to connect one to the other – and power strips Forget one bit and I might as well not have bothered with it all.

It takes me a while to put it all together, test it and protect it to make sure that someone with an itchy finger not touch a computer key. I get a lot of old guys who volunteer “to help” and I have to be polite when I say that I can handle it all.

Keep away from my stuff!

On Saturday, I drove to Franklin to exhibit for Books Unlimited. From 10 am to noon, I was stationed on the Main St. meeting and greeting the few people who passed by on their way to the A.T. Trailfest a couple of blocks away. No equipment, no slide show, just me.

My companion author was Barbara Woodall who wrote “It’s not my mountain anymore”. She chronicled the changes she’s seen in the past fifty years living outside of Clayton, GA. You may remember that Clayton was the setting of the Deliverance movie, a connection that Clayton still encourages, according to Barbara.

I asked her about her book but she didn’t bother asking me about the MST book. I was cold and not prepared to be outside for two hours.

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