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Kinston event-Tuscarora monument

I’m on a book tour through the Coastal Plains. The Mountains-to-Sea Trail Across North Carolina does go through the Coastal Plains, and therefore I’m going as well.

After an evening at REI in Raleigh, I drove down to Kinston to talk at their Visitor Center. I took several small roads and felt I was now back on the MST. Well, I was except this time, I was driving.

The towns sounded so familiar – Zebulon, Black Creek, Goldsboro. Some towns, I walked through, others were signs on the highway. I drove down NC 58 and did a double take. What was this shiny metal monument? It wasn’t there a couple of years ago.

It turned out to be a recent addition to the landscape in Snow Hill on the way to Kinston. The monument was to remember the battle between colonists and the Tuscarora Nation that lived in Eastern North Carolina. The Tuscaroras who were left after the battle moved to upper New York State. For this commemoration, a group came down and after the events, walked more than 600 miles back to the Tuscarora Reservation.

Kinston book event-Lucy, me and Brantley 2013In Kinston, I gave a presentation at the Visitor Center to a small but enthusiastic group.

From left to right, we have Lucy who runs the Visitor Center on US 70, me, and Dr. Brantley Briley, President of Lenoir Community College and my host.

People asked good questions and were very involved. A few more folks now know about the Mountains-to-Sea Trail.

Onto New Bern. 

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