A.T. Allen Gap to Fork Ridge Trail – The End


The Carolina Mountain Club Appalachian Trail Challenge has come to an end. On Monday, we walked from Allen Gap to Fork Ridge Trail (13.5 miles, 3,550 feet ascent) and finished the 92 miles that the club maintains.

It was not an easy section but we were enthused by our accomplishment. The highlight of the section is Fire Scald Ridge, an amazing piece of trail construction. CMC had put in hundreds of hours on the A.T. to show off the beautiful view, as seen above.

A.T.LadySlipperMay2013Two new items on this section.

First, lots and lots of pink lady slippers. Now “lots” is a relative term. For lady slippers, there were many on the trail. But compared to other flowers, they are uncommon.

Lady slippers are difficult to photograph because they seem to always be in the dappled shade–partly in the shade and partly in the sun.

Secondly, our last “mountain” before we turn off the A.T. and onto Fork Ridge Trail was Andrew Johnson mountain.A.T.AllenGaptoForkRidgeTrail-AndrewJohnsonMtYes, that Andrew Johnson, the president after Abraham Lincoln, who was the first president to be impeached. President Johnson came from Greeneville, TN, close to this section of trail.

The sign for this hill was down and it wasn’t much of a hill. There was no trail to the top.

A.T.Challenge-The End

When we reached the intersection of the A.T. and Fork Ridge Trail, we found a flat post and set the camera on the self timer. Here we are, the fearsome foursome. Actually we aren’t very fearsome; we just plodded along until we reach our goal.

I want to thank Lenny, Tish and Sawako for their perseverance and good humor on this hiking project. Yippee!!

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