Camping with kids – Dry Run

camping with kids - tents

In a couple of weeks, Lenny and I are taking our two granddaughters on a camping trip. Our older granddaughter is already an experienced camper but this will be the first time for our young one who’s only three and a half.

We needed new equipment. First a large tent which we got when we started taking our older one. Now we need two tents: the big one for the girls and Lenny’s backpacking tent for himself.

Then we needed four of everything: four sleeping bags, four sleeping pads, four bowls, four cups… And could we get all the stuff in our car? So today we practiced pack.

We made a list, checked it twice and pulled out everything from our camping closet. It’s different with other people’s kids, even though they’re our granddaughters. How are we going to entertain them? Or as I like to say, we need to keep the campers busy.

We’ll hike and play by the lake. Thank goodness for a lake. So we’re taking pails, shovels and beach towels. Lenny’s taking binoculars but I don’t think either girls are going to want to chase a warbler. We’ll bring a ball to kick around. And of course, we’ll build a campfire and make S’mores.

Camping with kids - full carWe fitted everything in our car. But wait, where are we going to put the kids? And the food and the cooler?

Car camping is a lot of work. Unlike backpacking where all the equipment has to fit in a backpack, here it’s so easy to throw in one more thing and one more thing. It took us a whole morning of packing and then unpacking. And that’s without dealing with the food.

I hope the weather cooperates. Stay tuned for the real thing!

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