Family Nature Summit in Acadia – Day 3

FNS 3 - group

Another great hiking day at Family Nature Summits in Acadia National Park.

FNS Day 3 - ScramblingThe all-day hike was billed as one of the three hardest hikes at the Summit. Eighteen eager hikers started from the Jordan Lake Parking area to climb Mt. Penobscot. When Dave L. called it a rock scramble, I pictured a White Mountain-style hand over hand climb. Most of the time, we could just walk up. At some point, I needed to hand over my hiking poles to the person in front to pull myself up and over boulders.

We got to the top of Mt. Penobscot to see… nothing. The fog obscured any chance of a view. But with this group, it wasn’t about the view on top; it was about the climbing and the camaraderie.

Our next destination was Sargent Mt. But before that, we discovered Sargent Pond through the mist and fog. Some of us stripped to various stage of undress and jumped in. It was cold but bearable. It was too early for me to walk wet for the rest of the day.

Two large towels had been left and some used them to dry their feet. The previous hikers may have thought they were helpful but the towels were just litter. I should have carried them out but frankly, it was too early in the hike to add to my weight.

Once on Mt. Sargent, we met Moira, the Ridge Runner. She’s funded by Friends of Acadia. She walks the trails to educate hikers on “Leave no Trace,” does a little trail maintenance and cleans up garbage.

Then down, down, down for the rest of the day. It should have been easy but the trail wasn’t smooth. We went through rocks, roots, mud, and water and over downed trees. We even squeezed through large boulders.

FNS Day 3 - trail crewAs we got further down, we bumped into a trail crew made of Friends of Acadia employees and Park Service folks. They were moving a huge boulder on a zip line contraption. It wasn’t clear where the rock was going to go but the care and work it took to move it was impressive.

More downhill scramble until we got picked up on Rt. 3 at the end of Giant Slide trailhead. All this effort for six miles. In the Smokies, we do six miles in a morning.

Hannah with Linda and LeslieHannah also went hiking with her group. Here she is with Linda and Leslis, her counselors.

She walked around Jordan Pond and saw a loon and frogs. Impressive. No popover, though.

Once they got back on site, they had more tidal pool studies. She’s going to bring back a lot of shells.

After dinner, we had a talent show. We’re at a summer camp, after all.      

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