Family Nature Summit in Acadia – Day 4

FNS 4 - group

The most important thing I learned today at Family Nature Summits was from Hannah.

The five-pointed sea creature are no longer called starfish. Now you call them sea stars because they are not fishes.

She came back from a boat trip with Diver Ed (no, not driver’s ed) with this information. She also reported that Ed dove from the boat and brought back a lobster.

In the afternoon, her group went on a hike where she not only saw a snake but was able to photograph it. That’s all I was able to get out of her before she ran off with her friends.

I went on an all-day hike to Dorr Mountain and Cadillac Mountain. Dorr was named after George Dorr (1855-1944), the man who is credited with creating Acadia National Park. He donated land for the park and encouraged his wealthy friends to do the same. Then he became the first superintendent.

I asked a ranger how Dorr made his money. She corrected me, “Mr. Dorr”. He inherited money from both sides of his family.

FNS 4- TarnThe trail up to Mt. Dorr was easier than the last two days. I attribute it to the fact that it is more popular destination than the previous hikes. Still, the trail was steep and rocky. We started from Jordan Pond near a tarn.

That was almost the last good picture I could take. As we went up, it got foggier and foggier. I took the group picture at a supposed viewpoint.

Once on top, we saw nothing and I put my camera away. The trail went down a little and back up to Cadillac Mountain, the tallest mountain in the park. At 1,530 feet, it is lower than where I live in Asheville. But it’s almost barren. We climbed up only to find a parking lot on top. Most people drive to the top. Still, it was quite a feat.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Summit. I can’t believe that the week is almost done.

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