Family Nature Summit in Acadia – last day

FNS 5-bay

The last day at Family Nature Summits. Some say you have to work up to certain activities. I say you have to come prepared to spend five days without sleep but with plenty of food.

Today I actually didn’t hike. I went on an introductory kayaking trip; the emphasis on introductory. Rich, a biologist and store owner in Bar Harbor, was our guide. He was excellent.

  This is how you hold a paddle.

   This is how you paddle–with your whole upper half of your body and not just your arms.

   This is how you turn left and right.

We all had double kayaks and I made sure to choose a partner that knew something. She was the brains, in the back, and I was the brawn, even though she was much taller and broader than me. My job was just to paddle.

We started in back of our building and hugged the shoreline. It was very foggy so no pictures of the paddling itself. Also I wouldn’t know how to keep my camera dry.

We circled Bar Island, passing the sand bar that gives Bar Harbor its name. Periodically, Rich would stop and tell us stories. When we saw a cormorant, he said that in the bible the bird was considered an unfit bird to eat, along with pigs and shellfish. Huh?? I wonder if my Orthodox relatives have ever seen even a picture of a cormorant.

I wore my rain pants but still, I came back soaked in the seat, as if I had peed salt water in my pants.

Now we’re going to pack so we can go to all the ceremonies tonight. Hannah already told me that she wanted to go to the dance after all the skits. After all, she’s a tween.

Next year in Monterey Bay at Asilomar Conference Grounds from June 28 to July 4. Be there!

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