ATC 2013 Biennial – Day 2

ATC 2013 - 25years of maintenance

I’ve had two jobs in my 35-year career, but neither as long as 25 years.

Yet, for 25 years, Lenny and I have been maintaining a piece of the Appalachian Trail. First, we adopted a piece of trail in New York State going past Fitzgerald Falls to Monbasha High Point. We took care of that piece of trail from1988 to 2001.

When we moved to Asheville, we were assigned a 4.9  mile section from Devils Fork Gap to Rice Gap. For years, we clipped, cleaned, painted blazes and reported blowdowns that we couldn’t handle. Now we received our 25-year plaque which we will hang on the wall.

All this happened at the ATC Business Meeting on Saturday evening. It’s called a business meeting because every non-profit organization must have a regular meeting where they talk about finances and hold elections. But to  me, the most interesting part are the people.

So here are the famous, the movers and shakers of the ATC world.

ATC 2013-group of bigwigs

From left to right: Ann Christiansen, Director of Recreation, Wilderness, Heritage and Volunteer Programs for the Southern Region of the US Forest Service.

Wendy Janssen, Superintendent of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail

Lenny Bernstein, Chair of the ATC 2013 Biennial Conference

Ron Tipton, Executive Director of ATC (by the end of August)

Dale Ditmanson, Superintendent of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Sandy Mara, Chair of the ATC Board

Wow!! how do I know all these people?

ATC 2013-Meredith of HPDuring the day, I worked the excursion desk, sent off the first excursions and talked to exhibitors. Mederith of the History Press was here, selling relevant books, including mine.

A good but exhausting day!



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