ATC 2013 Biennial – Day 6-8

ATC 2013-group at Bradley Cemetery

Ok. I’m speeding up the Appalachian Trail Conservancy 2013 Biennial posts. Many people stayed until the end including most of the steering committee. And they were well-rewarded.

On Thursday evening, Eddie Swimmer, a Cherokee story teller, told of the Cherokee people, both past and present. He wanted to debunk myths about Indians. He demonstrated the war cry and the drum beat. The drum beat is supposed to replicate the heart beat.

ATC 2013-Eddie SwimmerLots of questions. One man wanted to know about the casino. Well, the casino is owned by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and managed by Harrah’s. It is not a Harrah’s casino.

Half the profits go to the 14,000 enrolled members and the other half to improve the infrastructure of the town. Swimmer explained it in such a simple way; it was refreshing.

By Friday, my excursion responsiblities were over. I finally got to lead a hike to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We were six, all together, eager to get out on the trail. I led the Smokemont Loop and got to introduce some to the Smokies. We visited the Smokemont Chapel at the beginning and the Bradley Cemetery at the end.

We got home Friday afternoon. I can’t speak for Lenny but I was completely wiped out. I still have to write my report.

A wrap-up of the conference, tomorrow.

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