OBX Book Tour – Last Days

OBX-Island books Lorelei

I’m back home after a week at the Outer Banks. My time was filled with book signing, talking to book stores, readers, hikers and Mountains-to-Sea Trail aficionados. Here I am with Lorelei, a conservationist and active MST enthusiast.

My last “gig” was at Island Books in Duck in the Outer Banks. Island Books is a small store just packed with books-best sellers, local reads, serious literature and the usual cookbooks and self-help books. When I got there, there were four people staffing the store. It seemed a little much but when the store got busy, they were all working.

I was one of two authors in the 3pm to 6 pm slot. The other woman was a local romance writer; the genre didn’t compete. I gave away all my picture cards while I explained about the MST. Not too many sales but a lot more people know about the trail now.

Marketing is part of writing and publishing a book. It’s time-consuming, expensive and sometimes uncomfortable. But I find it great fun to let people know about the trail and sign books. As I said (I think), the MST is a state trail and I went all over the state.

Now what? Well, I’ll be happy to talk about the MST if anyone invites me. But mostly, I’m getting ready for my next adventure. What is that?


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