Favorite Hikes 100 – Which one is yours?

FH100 map meeting

What is your favorite hike in Western North Carolina and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park? Is it in Bent Creek, over to Ramseys Cascades on the Tennessee side of the Smokies or maybe in Dupont State Forest?

Carolina Mountain Club does them all. We’re recognized as the experts on the area. In fact, the readers of the Mountain Xpress recognized us as the best hiking club in the area.

The Great Smoky Mountains Association, the cooperating partner in the Smokies, who both manages the bookstores in the park and publishes guides and maps knows that. They’ve engaged CMC to come up with 100 favorite hikes in the area which they will publish as a super-duper map.

This map, probably entitled 100 favorite hikes of Western North Carolina and the Smokies, will be organized very much like a map published by Bernard Elias in the 1970s and 1980s.

Bernard was recognized as the expert on the area. He dispatched hikers to hike various trails and report back the details. We’re taking that approach. See the committee on top.

But trails have changed since Bernard’s days. Many trails on his list were on private land or bushwhacks. Many new areas such as the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, Dupont, or Montreat were not recognized as hiking areas.

This is an exciting project that will bring more recognition to CMC and some royalties. So what is your favorite trail?     

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