Friends of the Smokies on TV tonight


When do I even suggest that you watch TV? Only when it helps to support and protect our beautiful public lands in the Southern Appalachians. Tonight is one of those occasions.

Tonight watch the 19th Annual Friends Across
the Mountains Telethon
which will be live at 7:00 p.m. from WBIR-TV in Knoxville
(Channel 10) and WLOS-TV in Asheville
(Channel 13).  You can stream it live on WBIR’s homepage if you are
outside of the viewing area, so you don’t have to miss it.

This is organized by Friends of the Smokies and is probably the only telethon that supports a national park. The program should be on national television; after all Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a national park. But for now, if you’re not getting TV from Knoxville or Asheville, you’ll have to watch it on the internet.

But don’t just watch it. Make a pledge, make a donation, send a check. You get the idea. This is not passive TV.

The Smokies needs our park partners more than ever. Even before the sequestration, our national parks were not well funded and the Smokies even less so. But now, the park needs us more than ever because our taxes aren’t doing enough.

Enjoy the show. 

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