Le Chemin de St. Jacques – How much stuff to take?

ElectronicsI’m preparing to go on a pilgrimage – OK, a long hike – on Le Chemin de St. Jacques in France. After the first 10 hiking days, I’ll be carrying everything on my back. It’s not a backpack, it’s trekking. You carry everything but you stay in hostels or B&B every evening. Still, I want to go as light as possible.

So what electronics should I take?

Some say that you can do it everything with an iPhone. Just pop in a European Sims card and away you go. You have the web, a phone and a camera. That’s true if you want to record your trip with a sentence or two on Facebook. But I’m hoping for a fuller way to record and read some books, as well.

So, here’s what I’ve come down to.

A mini iPad which will be my source for the web, for writing-hence the stylus- and for doing some recreational reading. And the charge cord, of course.

A real camera, which requires a battery charger and maybe an extra battery and memory card. I’ll probably forgo the thick, heavy case.

But I’ll need a cord to transfer my pictures to my iPad. Apple sells a cord from the iPad to a USB connection. But a short USB connection to my Cannon camera was the toughest thing to find. A hiking friend lent me one but can’t remember where he found it.

An adapter, of course, which will allow all that stuff to be plugged in to the power supply in France.

Phone? I’m going to buy a prepaid dumb phone in France when I get there. And who am I going to call anyway? But I guess that public phones everywhere are becoming rare, so I better get a phone.

But for contacting folks at home, I’m going to send postcards. What did I forget? What can I do without?

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