Finally – Le Chemin de St. Jacques

Trekking packFinally, we’re taking off on our trek to Le Chemin de St. Jacques. I’m as prepared as I can be. I’m not going to get any fitter for the trail and my French isn’t going to get better until I get to France.

I’ve packed and stuffed and checked off items from my list. This is a trek, halfway in equipment between a dayhike and a backpack. So no tent or sleeping bag. But you have to take a sleeping sheet, towel, extra clothes and some toiletries. With two quarts of water but no food, my pack is 20 lbs. Right now, it feels very comfortable. What will it be like after 15 to 18 miles a day?

I realize as I was packing that I had bought almost all my equipment locally–no big internet searches for me.

My pack and boots came from Diamond Brand Outdoors. Thank you, Diamond Brand for such good care in fitting. Even the small stuff like a hiking wallet, flashlight, hiking socks and water bottles were bought there.

I got my camp shoes from Tops for Shoes. They would be horrified if they heard that I call their cute, light sneaks, camp shoes. These are the shoes I’m going to slip in at the end of each day. Unlike a backpack, I can’t just wear sandals to walk to dinner on cobble stone.

I bought a light long-sleeve shirt from Mast General Store. It’s a pretty blue color and will make any hiking outfit look respectable in a French bistro. Even my mini iPad was a local purchase; Charlotte Street Computers. After you buy a piece of equipment from them, you can take several classes to maximize its use.

None of these fine establishments wanted to sponsor me on my trek. I promised to make them world famous on the trail, but they laughed. OK, so did I.

Enough name dropping. I sound like the backpacking version of Vogue magazine. I’ll try to blog about my trek, depending on where I can find wi-fi. You can subscribe to my blog or find me on Facebook.

Au revoir et a Bientot.


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