Le Chemin de St. Jacques in Paris

Tour de St. JacquesI couldn’t resist trying to find the trailhead for Le Chemin de St. Jacques in Paris. Now I don’t think anyone actually hikes from Paris to El Camino de Santiago in Spain. To begin with, you’ll hit freeways a few miles from the beginning.

But the trailhead is le Tour Saint-Jacques, a tower left over from a 16th century church. I may have been the only visitor today that cared about this pilgrimage. But this is where pilgrims from Paris gathered to start on their way to Spain.

We felt like pilgrims in the Paris rain. We walked to Notre Dame Cathedral, where I’m sure pilgrims stopped to pray again. But we noted the large crowds going into the church and continued on our walk.

So far, my French has served me well. I’ve gotten us out of the airport, onto the correct bus which went almost straight to our hotel where we dropped off the luggage. Since this is Sunday, we went to the Bastille market and admired the fruit and vegetables and fresh fish. Then onto our St. Jacques quest.

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