Le Puy – Start of Le Chemin de St. Jacques

Le Puy cathedral

Two trains took us from Paris to Le Puy in southeast France. The cathedral dominates the town and is the start of the Le Chemin de St. Jacques in France. We are in La France Profonde.

Of course, there are tourists here. There are tourists everywhere in France. This is also the center for hand-made lace. In one shop, the owner showed us pictures of her mother and grandmother working on lace. Beautiful work

But here, visitors have come to visit the Cathedral or, like us, to walk Le Chemin. We walked from our downtown hotel to the Cathedral; up, up, up on cobblestones which was very hard on my feet. Then 134 steps to the entrance of the Cathedral. I should have worn my boots.

On the altar was a statue of a black Madonna, Notre Dame de Puy. There are black Madonnas everywhere, apparently, and this is one of them. A monk in a white robe was praying using an iPad for a bible, something that really threw me. 

Le Puy Pilgrim We walked back down to the City Centre, trying to  follow the white and red horizontal blazes, the sign for the GR65 (Grande Route 65) and all the French national trails. At the square, we saw one of the many places that calls itself the beginning of the trail. It showed a typical pilgrim of the Middle Ages.

I saw a young man on the street wearing the same garb. We won’t be wearing this costume, just my regular hiking clothes. Then back to the room to repack for serious hiking.

On the trail, tomorrow.


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