Le Chemin de St. Jacques – toward Cajarc


I’m trying to blog on an iPad. It takes patience.

As we continue to walk further south on Le Chemin de St. Jacques, the terrain becomes drier and emptier. We passed several old, derelict stone houses that seem abandoned.

Today, my third day with a large trekking pack, we passed several villages where we hoped to stop for coffee. Nothing. I ate a lot of blackberries on the side of the trail and even pinched a couple of grapes.

Last night’s gite (hostel) was delightful, as well appointed as a B&B with a lot of life. Pilgrims exchanged stories and discussed where they had been and where they were heading. We sang and ate together.

Le Chemin de St. Jacques - in CajarcSo who is on the trail? Mostly French pilgrims with a few from Belgium, a couple from Australians, Canadians and one Kiwi. Only one hiker from the US and none from Britain. Most walkers stay with other walkers but I’m trying to interact with locals.

Here’ a woman sitting on a bench knitting, fascinated by the fact that I’m walking the trail. Another 15 mile day tomorrow. We’ve got the rhythm.


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