Le Chemin de St. Jacques – It’s Fall

Le Chemin de st Jacques sunflowers

It’s fall on Le Chemin. Even as I go south, it’s cooler and a little rainy. I had thought about sending some warm clothing home only a few days ago but suddenly, I’m using them.

I’ve hit fields and fields of sunflowers. They’re used for making oil. Though they’re past their prime, they’re beautiful.

Le Chemin de st. Jacques - coffeeAs I keep plodding on, I appreciate the Chemin experience more and more. Although I treat this as a hike, I stop at signs of hospitality. Residents offer coffee and tea for one euro, tiny tiny cups that you swallow in two gulps. But I figure that for one euro, I get a table and chair to have my lunch, a garbage can, ans sometimes an outhouse somewhere. It sounds like a bargain.

I stopped at Le pech, a gite up on a hill. Pech means hill on Occidan, a historic language. Great, now I have to deal with Occidan. French isn’t enough.

We had a typical gite experience at Le Pech. Two German Le Chemin de st Jacques Le pechwomen needed a reservation. They didn’t speak French but only a little English. So I translated into French and Roger made the reservation for them in French.



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