Dupont State Recreational Forest – Always something new

Dupont - 2013bridge over Little River

Yesterday Lenny and I scouted my Carolina Mountain Club hike in Dupont State Recreational Forest. We did one of my favorite hikes in the forest with five waterfalls (Hooker, Wintergreen, Grassy Ridge, High Falls and Triple Falls) and two cemeteries.

First the forest has been upgraded to a “recreational forest”. I assume that this means that it’s being managed somewhere in between a state park with its soft-core amenities and a state forest with its emphasis on logging and hunting.

The waterfalls are still there, falling as hard as ever but there’s always something new.

Dupont - 2013MoorecemeteryneglectedAfter Hooker Falls, we walked to the Moore Cemetery. What is it so neglected? The weeds need to be cut down. Now they’re obscuring the grave stones. Most of Dupont is taken care of by volunteers. Maybe they figured that most visitors aren’t going to go there.

We continued on our walk and found this memorial table about half-way through the hike.Dupont - 2013memorialtable The top of the table has a large plaque to “Murray Claydon 1927-2012”. A web search gave me the impression that Murray was a long-time volunteer.

After Triple Falls, we walked back to our car. Instead of walking on the road as usual, we were able to cross Little River on a beautiful new foot bridge. See above.

So no pictures of waterfalls this time. Want to see the five waterfalls? I’ll be leading this hike on Sunday November 25. See the Carolina Mountain Club hike schedule for details.

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