Rough Creek–Now smooth walking


Yesterday, Lenny and I went back to Rough Creek in the Canton Watershed to scout his Carolina Mountain Club hike again, scheduled for Sunday December 1.

The first time we hiked it, the Cherry Cove Trail, the only trail off the old roads, was completely overgrown. I blogged about it. I also found a Friends of the Rough Creek Watershed group on Facebook. With the wonders of Facebook, I shared my blog on their page.

A wonderful conversation ensued that you can read as comments on my last blog. But the bottom line is that the group went out and cleaned up the trail. Dave Tate, the leader of the group, wrote:

On 11/16/13, six volunteers spent 5 hours clearing 26 trees from blocking the trail, and weedeating all of the undergrowth on the trail. The trail is in great shape & should provide a stellar hike for your Dec. 1st hike!


And he was right. Look at the pictures of the great trail. Lenny is pointing to the fresh cuts.

roughfork2scout4.JPGEven more important to me, the maintenance group cleared Cherry Cove Trail of weeds and bramble. They may have even added a few new “red paw” blazes. It was now a pleasure to walk through. Thank you!

We followed Cherry Cove Trail up to the magnificent views and back down. See the photo above.

I had done this hike several years before. At the time, I remembered that we made a longer loop but I have a feeling that we were on a private road. This time, we had no doubt that the road through a subdivision, called The Glades, was private. Even so, we could see several mid-size houses on large lots. A quick web search revealed that they sold for about $300,000.

Have no fear, Glade residents. We have no desire or need to walk on your private road. In Western North Carolina, we’re blessed to have thousands of miles of public trails.

Come and see the beautiful trail on Sunday December 1. If you’re not a member, you need to contact the leader by going on the CMC website and looking at the hike schedule.

Again, thank you to Friends of the Rough Creek Watershed. You are friends, indeed.

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