Hike on the First Day of the Year


Carolina Mountain Club has its tradition of a New Year’s Day hike. Each January 1, Bruce leads a hike in the Green River Game Lands. And now we know that it’s right in line with what the rest of the country will be doing.

About 20 years, Blue Hills Reservation State Park in Milton, Massachusetts launched a New Year’s Day hike to encourage a healthy life and to promote their state park. Since then, it’s blossomed and now all across the country state parks will once again be offering guided First Day Hikes on New Year’s Day 2014.

You can expand the program by leading a hike on other public lands such as national parks, forests and in this case, game lands administered by the North Carolina Wildlife Commission.

It may be a little early to decide what you’re going to do on New Year’s Day. After all, in January, it does depend on the weather. But tomorrow’s CMC hike has been canceled because of the prediction of very wet weather.

It was a wise decision but still I’m sad about it. I don’t want to use the word, depressed, because that’s a serious condition. Yet, I would have liked to explore Woods Mountain on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, a trail I did several years back when I walked the MST. But it’s not to be.

I plan to go on next Sunday’s hike and certainly on the New Year’s Day hike. So start the year right. Go on a hike. Get to know your land, meet people and admire the winter views.

What better thing do you have to do on New Year’s Day?


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