First Day Hike

Happy 2014!

On the first day of the year, 23 Carolina Mountain Club hikers walked the Green River Gamelands south of Hendersonville. Bruce Bente, the CMC head hike scheduler, has been leading this hike on New Year’s Day for 11 years. It’s a CMC tradition and a great way to start the year with outdoor folks.

It was a beautiful winter day, quite warm, as we started down the trail toward the river. You can see the full description of the hike in Hiking the North Carolina Mountains – 9.6 miles and 1,650 feet of ascent.

The area has been logged and burned, presumably to attract game. Deer go for new green shoots that will come up through the black remains. But once we got into the woods proper, the green of rhododendrons and mountain laurel returned.

We ate lunch by the Green River and saw two parties of kayakers zip by. See the picture on top.

They were obviously starting their year by enjoying their sport.

This hike is also the seventh anniversary of a CMC couple, Michael and Kathy. They met on this hike and got married about a year later.

A great start to the year. How did you celebrate the beginning of the new year?

Happy Hiking Year!


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