San Francisco Impressions – Not in tourist brochures

We couldn’t get to the west coast and not visit San Francisco. It’s not our first time in SF but our first time in a long, long time. Here are some impressions and doings you won’t find in the tourist brochures.

We walked across the Golden Gate bridge – which is touted in visitor information. It’s 1.7 mile there (and 1.7 mile back). The bridge itself was an engineering marvel when it was opened in 1937. The view on the walk goes out to Alcatraz and the SF skyline. On a good day, you can see forever.

On the Golden Gate bridge

One of the signs I saw was the suicide prevention plaques. I was stunned enough to take a picture. As soon as I clicked, a police officer came up to me and asked what I was doing. I told him that I was surprised and took a picture.

“Are you all right?” He asked.

“What?? I’m just taking a picture.”

“Well, sometimes people take pictures and send them to friends before they jump,” he said.

Was he going to arrest me? Confiscate my phone?

“This is the second most frequent place for jumping,” the cop added.

OK. I couldn’t resist. “Where’s the first place?” I asked.

“Somewhere in China.”

We moved along. Instead of walking back, we walked into Sausalito in Marin County on a well-marked walking trail into the downtown area. After lunch and some sightseeing, we took a bus back to the city.

SF is very Asian, beyond the great Asian restaurants. You can see couples getting their photographs taken in various city locations a few days before they get married.

I don’t know what the custom is called. The couple might spend a whole day in different places, followed by a photographer. Here’s a couple getting the full photographic treatment at the Ferry Market.

Buses are sporting ads to visit Taiwan. The country has not traditionally been courting visitors but they seem to be doing it now.

We’re leaving San Francisco – yeah I know and leaving our hearts there. Family Nature Summit is next. Yippee!











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