Family Nature Summits – Winding down??

Is Family Nature Summits winding down? It’s the fifth day, the last day of activities but everyone is going along strongly. You can keep going from 6 am till 10:30pm and still only do a percentage of the activities.

Yesterday, I went on a hike in Big Basin State Park. We started on the beach and climbed up to the top — about 10.5 miles and 1,750 feet. We hiked through giant redwoods and even saw a waterfall, my first since I left Tennessee on this trip. In general we’re in a desert with succulents and little running water.

Trails in California state parks are well maintained. You can find a bench every now and then.

The trails are all hard-packed. Not a stone out of place. This is probably because it doesn’t rain that much and they don’t have to contend with a lot of slippery slopes. At least, that’s the impression I get, based on a few hikes.

Every evening, Lenny, Hannah and I share what we’ve done that day. Hannah’s group went tide pooling yesterday. They looked at crabs, sponges, snails and more.  Hannah comes back every day more excited about her activities. The kids had to do a little research on an beach animal. And even a Vann diagram?? Great program!

Most summitteers didn’t spend all that much time on the trails. They birded, looked at tide pools, biked and even painted. Lenny and I went to the famous Monterey aquarium.

The jelly fish were mersmerizing as they floated down the exhibit glass. It looked like a movie or a lava lamp but they were real.

Big skit night this evening. And then they announce where and when the next summit will be. After all this is summer camp.






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