Family Nature Summits 2014 – The end for this year

Yesterday was the last day at Family Nature Summits in Pacific Grove, California.

Some were winding down a little. Even the Blank brothers found time to play a little chess on their phone. See the picture below.

And like any good camp, the last evening was skit night.

Every group performed a song, a skit, or a little of satire. Of course, since Hannah is in the Naturalist group, the oldest group before the teens, I took a lot of pictures of her group. They wrote a song “At the Summit” using the tune from “In Summer” from Frozen.

After every one had performed, they showed a slide show of people and activities from the week. If you recognized the person, you clapped. There was lots of clapping for Hannah.

One more picture: me on a horizontal redwood tree. This was taken on the photo hike.

But all good things must come to an end. This morning, after breakfast, we all said good bye for the last time and packed our car.

We stopped at Moss Landing for one more look at sea otters and sea lions. We heard about Santa Cruz as a haven for aging hippies and headed there. What we didn’t remember is that it was July 4th and we were going to hit crowds.

We parked about a mile from the beach and walked to the boardwalk. It was an old-fashioned boardwalk with amusement rides and junk food.

Happy 4th of July everyone.

Tomorrow we fly home. My big trip is over.


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