Enter Friends of the MST photo contest – 2014

Sharon crossing Deep Creek

It’s that time of the year – the annual Friends of the MST photo contest.

What are your best pictures of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail?  A committee put together by Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail will judge. You have until October 31 to send in your best pictures.

There are two categories for those of us older than 17 – views from the trail and people on the trail. They ask for a maximum of two in each category. You can see all the rules and regs at http://www.ncmst.org/get-involved/photo-contest/

For the past three years, I’ve had the honor of winning third prize in the “people on the trail”. I’ve not sent in any beautiful pictures of views and flowers because I’m not a good enough photographer to compete. But people?? I can find quirky hikers and funny situations. The picture above is of Sharon, my hiking partner, crossing Deep Creek.

If you hike the MST in Western North Carolina off the Blue Ridge Parkway or in the Smokies, you must have a bunch of pictures that can be contenders. So go through them and send in your best.

Not happy with what you have? Well, that’s easy. Get on the MST and shoot more prize-winning pictures.

Remember – the deadline is October 31, Halloween.


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