Carolina Mountain Club throws a party

CMC 2014 Council members
CMC 2014 Council members

Carolina Mountain Club is a hiking and trail maintaining club. We don’t get together too often in a purely social setting. But when we do, we know how to throw a great party.

On November 1, the Day of the Dead or the day after Halloween, about one hundred hikers, trail maintainers and their guests gathered at the Chariot Restaurant in Hendersonville for our annual dinner and meeting. The weather had thrown an unexpected snow shower tantrum but we all showed up anyway.

At the social hour, we mingled with people we may not see regularly on the trail. “How was your summer and what are you doing next summer?” always seems to stir up conversation. After a great buffet dinner, the meeting got underway.

I mingled with our invited guests.

CMC 2014 Dinner invited gueses
CMC 2014 Dinner invited gueses

Here are a few of them from left to right – Dan Well, representing Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Jeff Wilcox, Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Studies at UNCA who was our speaker, Kristin Bail, Forest Supervisor for the NC US Forest Service, and Julie Judkins, representing Appalachian Trail Conservancy. Gary Eblen, of Diamond Brand Outdoors, was at the meeting as well.

Sawako Jager, the Councilor for Communications, read the names of  the 19 hikers who completed challenges this year. That included a father and son team. Lenny Bernstein, President, gave the State of the Club – doing well, thank you. We approved the minutes from last year and the budget.

Then came the big awards presented by our past president, Marcia Bromberg. Ruth Hartzler and Tish Desjardins received the Award of Appreciation for their efforts on behalf of the CMC and hiking community on the National Forest Management Plan.

Marcia Bromberg and Becky Smucker
Marcia Bromberg and Becky Smucker

Becky Smucker received the Distinguished Service Award for her many years of service to the CMC–as a Council member and officer, hike leader, maintainer and maintenance crew leader and her leadership in developing new technology for the club.

We elected new Council members, including what may be a first, a nomination from the floor. Lenny recognized the departing Council members – Tish Desjardins, Stuart English and me – with a nice framed certificate.

Then Prof Jeff entertained us with a great lecture on the geology of our mountains. He had brought rock samples and assured Forest Supervisor, Kristin, that he had not taken the big pieces out of any NC forest.

Want to be part of it all? Join CMC and come out to hike and maintain trail. That’s what we do best.

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