New Year’s Resolutions – 2015

After I wrote about my 2014 outdoor world, I felt an obligation to write about my New Year’s resolution.

Now you know that the most popular resolution now is to lose weight. It’s outstripped to quit smoking. I guess that’s an improvement. To success, all the experts say that you need measurable goals. Not “try harder” but lose XX pounds.

Cypress Knees
Cypress Knees at Barataria

*  By this time next year, my Parks book will be in the publishing works.  I don’t know how it’s going to be published at this point. Heck, I don’t even have a title but I’m working on both. So, expect some blogs about my progress on both.

*  I will introduce at least five (5) people to the pleasures of hiking Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Each time I lead a hike for Friends of the Smokies, there’s a person who’s never been on Smokies trail. It’s very satisfying to show them my park.

Anna Lee crossing Caldwell Fork - no. 5
Anna Lee crossing Caldwell Fork – no. 5

But this is going to be such an easy goal for next year. Family Nature Summits is coming to the area in 2015. There will be dozens of new Smokies hikers, especially since I’m leading hikes for them next June.

*  I will let at least five (5) people know that they’re hiking on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail and that it does indeed go to the sea. Does that sound ridiculous?

From the MST off Waterrock Knob
From the MST off Waterrock Knob

In the Western North Carolina mountains, the challenge is not to get hikers on the MST; it’s for them to know where they are.

*  Each trip down Merriman Ave. in Asheville, I will stop and let at least one person make a pesky left turn.

With six food stores within two miles on Merriman Ave, the traffic has escalated to where drivers have to take matters in their own hands. The only way to keep traffic moving is to cooperate and let drivers turn. Now the real challenge is to cooperate without getting rear ended by some impatient jerk. If I do get hit, you’ll read about it here.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Happy New Year. May 2015 be your best year so far.

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  1. Happy New Year Danny! We are grateful for your support of the park and your determination to bring new hikers to the smokies. Thanks for including the photo of me crossing Caldwell Fork. I look forward to our Classic Hike along the Boogerman Trail on September 8, 2015!

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