Mountains-to-Sea Trail through Asheville – Discoveries

Shadows on the MST
Shadows on the MST

You would think that the Asheville section of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail would be uneventful.

The last time I walked this section was in 2010 when I was working on hiking the whole trail through North Carolina. Yesterday Lenny and I walked 8.9 miles from US 25 to the Folk Art Center with a side trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center.

This was in preparation for leading a Carolina Mountain Club hike.

Magic collection on the MST
Magic collection on the MST

My first discovery. What elves left all these goodies on the trail? See the picture above to the left.

Yes, technically, it’s just littering but I didn’t feel like dismantling it. Someone had put a lot of effort and I just left it.

Artist James Hinton 2011
Artist James Hinton 2011

Further on, we found an ordinary bench as the trail came down on the Parkway. But there was a small metal sign which read Artist James Hinton 2011.

Who was James Hinton? Is this bench artistic? Most benches in national parks are a few feet away from a building to encourage visitors to get on a trail.

Finally we reached the split between the Parkway Destination Center and the Folk Art Center.

Mileage to Folk Art Center
Mileage to Folk Art Center 1

There was a dispute in the signs. One sign said 2.2 miles to the Folk Art Center and the other on the opposite side of the trail said 2.5 miles. The two signs were there the last time I walked this section.

Mileage 2
Mileage to Folk Art Center 2

Obviously no one in charge cares. about the inconsistency.

You would think that they would get it together.

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