Rome is overwhelming

First day in Rome and I already feel overwhelmed.

Will the train ticket machine accept my new Visa credit card? Yes and it didn’t even ask for my PIN number?

Where do we pick up the bus to get to our hotel? We find the right bus number.  The instructions say that it ‘s the ninth stop. I hoped we counted right. More back and forth until we find the right street, the right piazza and then the right hotel. The elevator doesn’t work so up we climb.

This afternoon, we concentrated on setting up for our trip. First a phone. When I was in France, I installed a European SIM card  in my iPhone and got all sorts of messages I couldn’t understand. Same thing here when I bought a new phone but these are in Italian. Still I managed to make and receive a test phone call. The phone is an insurance plan, in case we get lost on the trail. If we never use it, the trip will have been a success.

Then my eternal search for a post office. I love to send post cards. What a great surprise to find a card with foreign stamps in your mail post! At the post office, I get a number and wait and wait while Italians transact important business that I can’t understand. I ask for ten post card stamps for America. I have bought the postcards and point to the stamp corner. The clerk understand. I’am not prepared for the cost. 2.59 euros for a postcard stamp to the u.s


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