Tourists – get your facts right

I said I wouldn’t blog on my iPad but I was so upset about a Facebook comment that I had to say something.

Tower of Pisa

A couple of days ago, I related that I climbed the Tower of Pisa – an awesome event. The Tower is so iconic that I was thrilled to climb its 297 steps. A man commented that he was in Pisa last year. His guide told him that the tower couldn’t be climbed. It is possible that the tower was closed that particular day. The tower was closed in the 1990s  for repairs. It was straightened a little. It reopened in 2001. I really felt sorry for this tourist.

Now I’m in Cinque Terre in northwest Italy. This is the Italian Riviera with five towns perched on hillsides. You can walk from town to town. But if you read old reports, you’ll find that they had a landslide in 2011. It devastated the area including the trails. But the trails have been opened for a while.

Cinque Terre view
Cinque Terre view

A section of trail always seems to be closed. Right now, the coastal path from Riomaggiore to Corniglia is closed. So we hiked the mountain trails. The trail was steeper and rougher than the more manicured Coastal Path but we got there. At Corniglia, we took the Coastal Path to Vernazza.

Tomorrow, we’ll hike to Monterosso, the most northern town of the five towns.

I don’t know if one blog can counteract all the misinformation out there but I’m trying.  So wherever you are, get out and hike, climb and be.

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