Family Nature Summits – The Last Day

2015-07-02FNSBoogerman2Yesterday I led a hike on the Boogerman Trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park for Family Nature Summits.

It rained most of the day and I had told my hikers that there were several unbridged water crossings. We were going to get wet, but still seven hikers came.

The Caldwell Fork Trail has ten crossings over the stream. Several bridges are missing so we had to walk right through the water. That’s what most people remember.

2015-07-02FNSBoogerman1But the Boogerman Trail itself forms a “C” in the forest. Rhododendrons bloom and ferns show off their range of green color. The area never allowed commercial logging so the trees are huge. Huge stonewalls remain from the residents who lived here before the area became a park.

The hike took longer than usual because we needed to be careful with the water crossings. Since it rained most of the day, the river moved quickly and we traversed the water slowly. We ended up muddy and soaked but we all loved it.

20150702FNSDay5 011AWhile I was splashing on the trail, Lenny went on a birding trip, looking for birds in the rain.

Hannah and her group went on a hiking and cultural trip through Cataloochee. Isa went canoeing on Lake Junaluska with her group leader. This was Isa’s first canoe trip.


20150702FNSDay5 026AThis is the beauty of Family Nature Summits. Each member of the family does her or his own activities with a group. We then get together for late afternoon family time and then dinner.

Last night, each group put on a skit, even the faculty. We had a slide show, which recapped the week’s adventures.

Then the moment we’ve all been waiting for: place and date for next year – Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, July 2 to July 8, 2016.

Look at the website to register.

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