Ireland Adventure

Starting a new adventure with Beth, a hiking friend.

Just got into Dublin this morning. Though the flight was over two hours late, no one seemed to get upset. That’s flying and that’s the way it is. It was a calm, friendly flight without the constant chatter from the cockpit.

The  calm, helpful, friendly feeling seems to permeate the whole city. Plenty of people on the street but not a crowded, rushed feeling.  we’re staying in the Temple Bar area, a tourist area because we’re tourists. Our B&B is on the River Liffey.

Two places really made an impreimagession on me this afternoon. Realize that we’ve only been here fdublin famine memorialor an afternoon.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a massive 13th century church that turned Anglican after the Reformation.

They had a large WW I exhibit. Now this is a war that Americans don’t think about much today but it was a devastating war for Europe. Ireland was still part of the British Empire then. But after Ireland became independent, it wasn’t fashionable to talk about WWI. It was considered “old” Ireland, even so many were affected by the war.

The Irish Famine Memorial in the center of town commemorates all the people who fled Ireland or died during the potato famine of the 19th century. The people depicted were thin beyond belief with hollow eyes. A sad, sad sculpture.

One more day in Dublin. We spent most of it at Trinity College, fonunded in 1592. Most of the old buildings date from the 18th and 19th century. But plenty of modern buildings and majors as well. No football team, though.

Enough culture. Tomorrow we travel to our first trailhead.




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