Into Killarney on the West Coast of Ireland

imageDublin was fun and friendly but we left for Killarney, on the west coast, the start of the Kerry Way.

A few observations based on two days of talking and reading the newspapers.

The Irish are so, so proud of their country. They’ve fought hard for it and they love showing it off. It reminds me of New Zealand or Taiwan, two industrialized countries where every person counts and every person is a reflection of their country. For example, an Irishman, living in North Carolina, was killed in a domestic dispute recently. That made the newspapers here.

What doesn’t seem to make the newspaper is the Royal family.

Even in the tabloids, there seems to be no mention of Will and Kate. I’ve got to check the women’s magazines before I can say this with authority. The only mention of the UK is in the business page.

Women’s magazines? Well, one country’s trash imageis another country’s culture.

So off to Kiillarney to start the Kerry Way in the Southwest corner of Ireland. Killarney is the Gatlinburg of the area, with gift shops and pubs on several main streets.

The Kerry Way Is a top of the pops hike, in picture book Ireland, green and wet. We passed Torc Waterfall and climbed up, up to a pass.

Today was a 16-mile day, with almost 2,000 ft of altitude gain. But the trail is well-marked and a shower is waiting for us. We’re staying in a small town on the trail.

Disclaimer: if these posts are not as coherent as most, it’s because I’m blogging on a mini iPad. Not easy.


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