On the Kerry Way

imageBeth and I are on the Kerry Way, 130 miles of green, wet paradise on the Kerry peninsula. The guidebook says that the trail requires nine hard days of walking. Somehow, in Beth’s dining room in January over a great dinner, we decided that we ought to do in seven days. So, we’re now on our third day of 16 to 18 mile days.

After two and a half days of blissful sunshine, the skies opened up this afternoon. We were on a path above the coast, getting the full wind and rain. But we were able to see the ocean and lots of small rocky islands.

At about 3:30, as I was walking on a small, narrow road, Prince Charming and his fair maiden stopped their car and asked

Would you like a lift?” I jumped in the back of their tiny vehicle.image

“My friend, Beth, is probably at the B&B on her second cup of tea”‘ I said.

But she wasn’t. We picked her up a little further on, completely soaking their backseat. They probably only drove us a mile or less, but it again showed the hospitality of the Irish.

Over 20 miles, tomorrow.

Disclaimer. If you’re thinking of doing this walk, note that you can walk a lot less each day. Also, the trail in general is much easier than in the Smokies.





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  1. Thanks so for blogging. I am enjoying the hi ke as much as you…except I am not tired and no blisters!

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