Mud, muck and mist on the Kerry Way

imageDay four on the Kerry Way in Ireland.

the last couple of days have been wet and muddy. I remember on the first day, I stepped one foot into a bog.

“Oh dear, I was going to walk with one wet foot.”

Then we stopped worrying about water and tried to avoid mud.

By today, water and mud were old friends. We wanted to just avoid walking on cow patties. Well, if you hike on farmland, the trails are going to be mucky.

imageThe backroads are lined with fuchsia, a beautiful invasive plant from New Zealand – I never thought New Zealand gave any other country invasive plants. I just thought they were just the recipient of invasive species.

i keep using the word “trail” but the paths through the farms aren’t trails in the Smokies sense. Animals and walkers have created social paths. We’re following trail signs which haven’t let us down yet.

The mileage is a little casual. And we certainly don’t know the distances within the day. Americans are much more concerned about knowing all the details than Europeans.

“We’ll get there when we get there”‘ seems to be the feeling around here.


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