Irish food and impressions

imageTraditionally, Irish food was supposed to be bad British food.

But now the food is wonderful. In ten days or so, we’ve had great Asian, Italian and even Morrocan food. Pub food have included risotto, salmon, and, yes, Irish stew, the latter not that wonderful.

I’ve had bay of Kenmar mussels as I stared out into the bay and good filling soups. And the ice cream! All this walking and I’m going to gain weight.

i’ve noticed that there are very few signs that this country was part of Great Britain until 1923. It’s like their whole past has been eradicated. There are no “lord” this or “sir” that. No Royal Banks that you may see in the rest of Europe.

The only British chain I’ve seen is Tesco supermarket, and they’re really international now. No Boots pharmacy or WH Smith newsagents. The Irish have their own equivalent. And Marmite. How could I forget Marmite? It’s a breakfast spread so popular in Commonwealth countries that tastes like 100 per cent salt. No Marmite or Vegemite, here! I finally asked my B&B host.

“is Marmite not in your tradition?”

I got a face and a resounding “no”.

I expected to pass a lot of churches on our hike, but they’ve been few and far between. We have seen many abandoned churches in the countryside, maybe even left over from the great famine emigration. Here’s one abandoned church, at the end of the Kerry Way.

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  1. Stone walls in Ireland, stone walls in GSMNP–Looking forward to hearing your comparison in person at the Sept 8 Friends of the Smokies hike Danny is leading along the Boogerman Trail which has some long stone walls. Although only 150 or so years old versus the one in this photo…I can only imagine!
    Danny–do come back! 😉

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