Walking in Ireland – some details


Beth and I have been walking for over 10 days-first the Kerry Way and now the Dingle Way. Like most European trips, there are several ways to organize such a trip. We decided to have an outfitter book our lodging but walk independently.

Ireland Walk Hike Bike (www.southwestwalksireland.com) is a small Irish company that has organized these walks. They choose the B&B for our stays and have written route notes for each day’s walk. Still, we bought a guidebook for each walk, published by Rucksack Readers, a U.K. Company.

Sometimes, the outfitter suggests that we take a taxi for a couple of miles to avoid busy road walks or to shorten the day’s walk, but Beth and I have decided to walk the whole way.

No, this isn’t the Appalachian Trail and no one is going to give us a patch, but we’re here to hike, not just on a holiday. That’s the major difference between us and most of their European clients. The latter come for a “walking holiday”.

The Irish outfitter also transfers our luggage from lodging to lodging every day. We put our suitcase in the hallway every morning. When we get to the next place, there it is. This is luxury, quite unlike Le Chemin De St. Jacques, which I did two years ago.

Still, there seems to be plenty to do every evening.

* Resupply at a local food store for lunches and snacks.

*  Fill up water bottles and pack our day packs

. Pull out the correct instructions for the next day, read it, and compare it to what the Rucksack book says. If we have energy, check the topo map.

* Upload my photos to my iPad and even blog, depending on the quality of the wifi

* Email the next B&B to tell them that we’re coming and to give them an approximate time of arrival.

* and finally Google some of the puzzling terms and facts we may have heard about that day. No matter how much you prepare, you can’t anticipate most of the things you’ll encounter. For example, we’ve been seeing this orange flower above everywhere, but just learned its name.

Sorry about the lack of links. I can’t seem to have the manual dexterity to do that on a mini iPad. Just enter the website for Ireland Walk Hike Bike www.southwestwalksireland.com


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