Please avert a government shutdown

20150210SCCONG 044AAs you may know, the House of Representatives can’t agree on a budget. So now, if nothing new happens soon, the government will shut down all non-essential services on October 1.

You may remember the government shut-down of only two years ago, in 2013.

If the government shuts down, the national parks will close and that will directly affect us.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park will shut tight.
The Blue Ridge Parkway may not be able to be physically shut down every place, but a lot of the overlooks and parking areas will be off-limits.

Your other favorite parks, battlefield, historic home such as Carl Sandburg Home, will also be off-limits.

Rev War Patriot at the Battle of Kings Mountain
Rev War Patriot at the Battle of Kings Mountain

We are not helpless. This is a request/plea to email your Congress representative in the House and tell them how important the parks are to you and to the health of the community they’re in.
Please do it now and don’t “wait and see”.

You can find out who your Congressional representative is on
If you go down a bit, you’ll see where you can put in your zip code.
You may need to put in your 9 digit zip code, as I have to, if your zip code is split. To find out your full nine-digit zip code, see the post office website.

Write an email telling your representative that national parks are very important to you and the country. October is one of the busiest times to visit national parks.

You may hike, walk, or just look at trees. Your child may visit on a field trip to a battlefield or national monument.

So to recap:

  1.  Make sure you know your nine-digit zip code by going to the post office website
  2. Go to the the House of Representative website
  3. Write to your representative and let him/her know that national parks are very important to you and the nation.
  4. It would be so great if you encouraged your friends and on Facebook to do the same.
  5. Let me know that you contacted your representative.

Thanks and see you on the trail.


2 thoughts on “Please avert a government shutdown

  1. Danny, thank you for taking the initiative and reminding everyone of this possibility. I am writing a letter right now and will encourage my family and friends to do the same.

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