Carolina Mountain Club honored in Backpacker Magazine

From Backpacker Magazine
From Backpacker Magazine

October’s Backpacker Magazine honored Carolina Mountain Club as one of the best hiking clubs in the country.

I could have told you this. We’re the largest hiking club in Western North Carolina, maybe in North Carolina.

The magazine has it right.

We lead 175 hikes a year, all year long. Our leaders scout the hikes and don’t wing it.

Our hike schedulers are the best, making sure that hikes are appropriate for the season. That means we don’t go up to Mt. Mitchell in December or upstate South Carolina in July. Though our schedule is on the web, it’s prepared months in advance.

We are a big factor in our tourist economy. Hikers from all over the country join us on hikes. They find us on the web or on the Appalachian Trail Conservancy website, as a trail maintaining club.

Our trail maintenance is ambitious, with 400 miles of trail, including the Mountains-to-Sea Trail and the A.T.  I could go on and on but ….

We haven’t seemed to get much local publicity. I would have thought that our local press would be all over this. Asheville seems to heap praise on anything that gets national recognition. Why were we left out?

I could give you some reasons why we never seem to compete with splashier pastimes but I won’t. Instead we’ll just keep on hiking, attracting new visitors and residents, and maintaining trail.

Come on out with us. Look at the Carolina Mountain Club website.

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