Guilford Courthouse – Beyond the battle

Guilford Courthouse - Nathanael Greene
Nathanael Greene

Tomorrow is primary day in North Carolina. Thursday March 17, 2016, is St. Patrick’s Day. But tomorrow is also the 235th anniversary of the battle at Guilford Courthouse, close to Greensboro, North Carolina. That would be March 15, 1781.

I’ve written up the battle already but somehow I keep going back to Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. It was the first Revolutionary national park created in 1917, which is amazing in itself. Most of the country might think of Concord and Lexington in Massachusetts as deserving of that honor.

Guilford Courthouse
Guilford Courthouse

But as with most eastern parks, Guilford Courthouse was saved by private money and  effort. In addition, revolutionary war parks were used to either unify the country or push sectional concerns after the Civil War.

Witness this memorial to the left, placed outside the visitor center which says “no North, no South”.

It refers to the fact that during the American Revolution, patriots set aside their sectional differences. George Washington, a southerner, led mostly northern troops. Nathanael Greene, whose statue is above, commanded southern troops.

So happy anniversary Guilford Courthouse. Once an area becomes a national park, it won’t be forgotten.


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  1. Great book to read by visitors to National Parks as well as armchair travelers.
    Author makes strong case for support to National Park Service, celebrating their 100th anniversary this year.
    Read the book, visit the parks, relive history.

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