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AME Church in Selma
AME Church

While I wasn’t looking, the National Park Service rolled out a new design for its websites. This is to celebrate the National Park Service Centennial. What a beautiful difference! Did you notice the changes?

Now, you can find news releases from your favorite parks or any park without laboriously going to each park’s website. Also, you can get news releases for the Park Service in general. There I learned that finally the Postal Service will be issuing stamps for the Centennial. As the press release says,

The U.S. Postal Service will begin celebrating the National Park Service’s Aug. 25 centennial just in time for summer vacation letter writing by issuing a pane of stunning Forever stamps depicting 16 examples of our national treasures on June 2

Sixteen national treasures, Heh?  I hope they’re not all out west. We can preview the stamps starting next week but you can’t buy them until June 2.

At dry Tortugas
At Dry Tortugas

Now about the individual parks. Each website seems to have the same information as the old design, but with a cleaner, more modern design. Look at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The searches are slow and sometimes die, which makes me think that they didn’t upgrade the search functions.

But the information which is missing is the superintendent’s name and picture for each park. I know from traveling through all the parks in the Southeast that it is so important to put a personal face to the parks. Any chance that could be added?


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